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Toronto homeowners are lucky: some of the finest stone suppliers in the country serve the GTA and surrounding cities. Since the 1980s, sales of granite countertops and other granite interior design elements have grown steadily. Granite was once only accessible to the very wealthy, since granite quarrying and processing required a great deal of time and labour. But technical advances in recent decades have increased the efficiency of granite extraction and finishing, making this luxurious stone more affordable. Surveys show that the first choice for kitchen countertop surfacing for Toronto designers and homeowners is versatile, durable – and beautiful – granite.

From Victorian to Zen

If you're considering a kitchen makeover, a granite countertop can be the element you need to give that most important room a feeling of warmth and luxury. Granite has been used for centuries for building, interior design, and monuments, and it has a timeless quality. This may be one of the reasons why granite countertops are at home with nearly every interior decorating style. A black granite surface looks perfect with a sleek contemporary renovation, for example, but also works beautifully with Japanese, Tuscan, Minimalist, French Country, Rustic, or Gothic themes – just to name a few. In fact, a classic granite countertop in a neutral colour can be incorporated into virtually any kitchen.
On the other hand, if you have a strong affinity for a particular style, you may want to select a countertop that will be an exemplar of it. Granite is available in many different colours, including vivid jewel tones. It's also available in a wide range of patterns, from solid to boldly veined and striated.
Remember that it's best to keep the style of your home consistent. You will particularly want to incorporate any adjacent dining areas into the style of your newly renovated kitchen.

Points to Consider

In addition to the style of your kitchen, you may also need to consider other aspects. The size of your countertop and the size of the room may dictate what types of granite will work best. A small surface in a small room, for example, probably needs more subtle patterning, while dramatically-coloured and patterned granite counters can bring focus to a large kitchen.
Cost may be another factor. Exotic types of granite are generally more expensive than more neutral varieties. If you have a small space, however, you may be able to find a supplier who can sell you a granite remnant countertop. This is new, unused granite that has been left over from a large project – and you may realize savings of 60 – 75%.
Environmental impact is an important concern for many Toronto residents. Granite is quarried from every country in the world, and is also produced here in Ontario. If you are working hard to decrease your environmental footprint, you may want to purchase granite that has been extracted close to home. Granite is such a durable substance that it has "green” potential due to its longevity.
Visit a stone supplier's showroom today, and explore the many advantages of granite slab countertops. It could be the start of a beautiful kitchen!

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